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Episode 1


The Real Estate Connection radio show with Stephen Theard

Episode 2
In this podcast Stephen discusses why a good listing agent is worth their weight in gold in helping a buyer write a winning offer. He also covers the second half of Spring Sellers preparing their home for sale and what it takes for a first time home buyer to obtain conditional loan approval and how it is used to purchase a home.

The Real Estate Connection radio show with Stephen Theard

Episode 3
The Power of Seller Disclosures –  “Do not count on opponents not coming, but rely on having ways of dealing with them; not to count on opponents not attacking, but to rely on having what cannot be attacked”  – Sun Tzu – The Art of War

Episode 4
Offer-writing strategies for buyers; when is it time to downsize; and current state of the California real estate market

Episode 5
The ins and outs of choosing solar and what it means for you, and theft in real estate and how to protect yourself in the selling, buying and renting processes.

*With guest, Linda Hays

Episode 6
Learn how probate works and how real estate is affected during the probate process

Episode 7
Have you always wondered what it would take to get that home remodel project done? Find your answers in my interview with Justin Fletcher, the owner of Next Level Construction & Builders, Inc.

Episode 8
You and the ADU – How you can help with the housing shortage in California by building an Accessory Dwelling Unit on Your Property and How the State of California has changed the law to promote it.

Episode 9
Tune in for your Summer 2019 California Bay Area Real Estate market update.

Episode 10
Learn how to maintain your home’s value by participating in your HOA, and a few simple steps to follow to help yourself out prior to your pre-listing home inspection.

Episode 11
Get info about Summer Festivals to attend in the Bay Area and how a Real Estate Professional determines the value of your home.

Episode 12
Investing in Real Estate

Episode 13
The shift to a normal market and what it means for first-time homebuyers

Episode 14
The “F” word in Real Estate – Foreclosure and how it actually works

Episode 15
Probate – Duties of the Executor, The Probate timeline and how court confirmation works

Episode 16
The market has changed and Real Estate is community – We are in a seller’s market… and why

Episode 17
Gas vs Electric Stoves

Episode 18
Proposed Increase to City of San Jose Real Estate Transfer Tax

Episode 19
Flood Insurance & Remembering 9/11

Episode 20
HOA Horror Story & Functional Obsolescence

Why You Need to Disclose, Disclose, Disclose

Episode 22
What a Seller Needs to Disclose, Disclose, Disclose When Selling A Home

Episode 23
Seller Disclosures, Update on Statewide Rent Control & The Start of Disaster Preparedness

Episode 24
2020 California Real Estate Market Forecast & More Disaster Preparedness

Episode 25
2020 California Real Estate Market Forecast & More Disaster Preparedness

Episode 26
Winterizing Your Home – Preparing to Buy in late 2019 or Spring 2020 – Best Cooking Methods in A Natural Disaster

Episode 27
Selling Your Home During the Holidays & Emergency Lighting

Episode 28

Episode 29

Episode 30

Episode 31

Episode 32

Episode 33

Episode 34

Episode 35

Episode 36

Episode 37