Simplify Your Lifestyle This Christmas

Christmas doesn’t have to stress you Christmas is a time of festivity and joy. For many people, however, stress and anxiety accompany the Holiday Season. Often, this anxiety and stress stem from the belief that we need to buy… and buy some more. It’s easy to feel pressured to have everything in place and looking…

How To Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

  Protect your home With Christmas and the New Year approaching, schools are going on Holiday break; people are attending parties and many of us are traveling. Packages arrive from family we can’t visit, as well. It’s a time of year when homes may be left unattended, making them prime targets for break-ins and theft….

Staging During the Holiday Season

Staging is an important part of the selling process. Decluttering and deep cleaning provide a clean canvas from which to stage your home. Smart home staging helps potential buyers envision themselves making your house their home. Holiday staging has the added benefit of showcasing the best features with a festive Seasonal flair.  Clean the slate….

Small Projects That Can Make A Big Sales Impact

Whether you have just bought your home or are looking to sell soon, upgrades help improve your resale value and create a more comfortable home. Let’s discuss a few of these projects. Your home’s yard and exterior is the first thing a buyer notices when viewing your home, some minor changes or improvements can help…

Morgan Hills Farmers’ Market – Try Something New This Weekend

Many people think of a farmers’ market as a summer treat, but in Morgan Hills we have the climate to enjoy fresh, locally grown produce all year! During the current season, expect to see a lot of fall and winter produce. Apples, squash and melons are on the list of items you can find this…