Scandinavian Decor For Home Sellers

Scandinavian decor is well-loved for its simplicity and beauty. Fans of the style enjoy the juxtaposition of coziness and cool white tones. Scandi decor brings a sense of Nordic style into your space. This style invites you to read your favorite novel in a corner nook, lit by the dancing flames of a glass-faced fireplace….

Home Downsizing: 5 Benefits To Going Smaller

Home downsizing can give you back your freedom. Choosing a home is a financial and emotional investment. Transitions such as retirement, relocating for your career or adult children leaving home present opportunities to consider downsizing your home. Moving to a smaller home offers important advantages to make your lifestyle more manageable, enjoyable and efficient. From…

Using Natural Decor To Raise The Mood In Your Home

Natural decor can significantly change your mood. In a culture of concrete jungles and urban bustle, you can use natural decor to make your home a calm, natural oasis, to look forward to at the end of your day. There are many ways to invite nature into your home; here are 5 to get you…

5 Tips To Go Green With Your Laundry

If you’re looking to reduce your eco-footprint and be kinder to the earth, your laundry room is a great place to go green.  Go green with your laundry using these 5 helpful tips 1. Condense laundry to do full loads Even modern, energy-efficient washing machines can use 40 gallons of water, per load of laundry….