A Kitchen Deep Clean Routine To Impress Potential Home Buyers

Your kitchen can make or break your home sale.

If you’ve looked into what sells a home, you know the importance of a great kitchen. Whether you’re going all in and updating the entire space, or being more budget-mindful,  a deep clean is a must-do for kitchens that sell.

Use the list below to deep clean kitchen that wows potential home buyers…


1. Dust and Degrease Walls and Cabinets

Dust off the walls and cabinets with a dry mop. Next, apply a detergent or degreaser as necessary, and rinse with a clean wet cloth. Don’t forget to scrub the cabinets as part of this step. These areas can accumulate a layer of unsightly grime, making your kitchen look subpar. When you finish, do a touch test; the cabinets shouldn’t feel sticky. If they’re sticky, repeat the degreasing steps until you have cabinets without a sticky film.

2. Focus on Major Appliances

Wipe down the exterior surfaces of your oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. Take time out to focus on each appliance’s interior areas, as well. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for deep cleaning appliances. During a home showing, appliances that appear new, or well cared for, make a strong impression on potential buyers.

3. Attend to Window Treatments

Wash the curtains and wipe down any blinds in the kitchen. Cloth window treatments tend to absorb grease and odors emanating from the cooking space. Hard surfaces of window blinds can accumulate grease and dirt. Combat these issues with a little elbow grease and cleaning attention. Wash the windows while you have the treatments down. A clear view into the yard is a great way to make the kitchen feel inviting during an open house. Natural light presents a sense of spaciousness and positive feelings.

4. Freshen up the Small Appliances

Don’t forget small appliances. Wipe down the exterior of the toaster oven, juicer and other similar small appliances. Remove crumbs and small debris from inside these items, if needed. If the countertop seems crowded, remove a few appliances for aesthetic appeal. Cleaning the kitchen also involves organization and reevaluation of the space; if it looks cluttered, it can make potential buyers feel anxious or otherwise put off. Tuck away small appliances you rarely use, or even box them up for your upcoming move. Get some great decluttering tips and start streamlining right away. 

5. Wash the Countertop

You might wipe the countertop down each day, but a deep clean requires something more. During your kitchen deep clean, remove every item from the countertop, add some detergent to the surface and carefully scrub it clean with a soft cloth. Give special attention to corners and areas not often addressed by your typical cleaning routine. Rinse with a clean cloth and water.

6. Don’t Neglect the Floor During Your Kitchen Deep Clean

It can be easy to forget about the floor because you may not often look at it. Sweep and mop the entire floor. Move the trash can out, and make sure to clean under the table. Particularly stubborn stains may require a scrub brush and hot, soapy water. Add a few drops of essential oil to your mop water to give the floor an inviting smell.

Get Started On Your Kitchen Deep Clean

A deep clean can transform your kitchen and make a positive impression on potential home buyers. Roll up your sleeves and get started, or hire a cleaning service to tackle the project.

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