Scandinavian Decor For Home Sellers

Scandinavian decor is well-loved for its simplicity and beauty.

Fans of the style enjoy the juxtaposition of coziness and cool white tones. Scandi decor brings a sense of Nordic style into your space. This style invites you to read your favorite novel in a corner nook, lit by the dancing flames of a glass-faced fireplace. If you’re a home seller looking to stand out to potential buyers, this style could help. Smart execution of Scandinavian style could be your ticket to a SOLD sign in your front yard.

Here are 4 ways you can bring Scandinavian decor into your home

Let’s start at the bottom – Scandinavian floors

Scandinavian floors are wooden and usually of a light color. White washed wood planks, grey boards and weathered looking hardwoods do nicely in a Scandinavian design. Add a little warmth with a throw rug here and there, but leave much of the wood floors exposed. Wall-to-wall carpet is not a thing in Scandinavian design, so invest in some slippers, and let your floors go bare.

Declutter and streamline –  Scandinavian space

Scandinavian design celebrates clean lines and open space. Pair down accessories and embrace a semi-minimalist style. Scandinavian interiors should never be fussy or crowded. Consider a few well-appointed pieces of typography artwork or other statement pieces. Donate what you no longer want, and enjoy a sense of freedom and space.

Use texture instead of color – Scandinavian decor embraces white

If you’ve browsed Pinterest in search of Scandinavian decor tips, you know white is a Scandi decor staple. White doesn’t have to be boring or bland. Create interest with texture, such as a shaggy faux fur rug or sherpa throw pillows. Play around with various textures and rugged woods. Keep pops of color to a minimum.

Open the curtains – Scandinavian decor loves natural light

Scandinavian design incorporates natural light. Clean windows with open drapes bring warmth into the space. Scandinavian style pulls in elements of nature, such as wood, animal skins, greenery and light.

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