How To Make Your Next Home Tour Count

Get max benefits from your next home tour

Considering buying a home? If so, you’ll probably spend the next few weeks or months touring potential homes to buy. Home buyers often go into this process without knowing exactly what to look for, so before you tour your next possible home, consider these points to help you make your home tour worth your time.


Buying a home means settling into a neighborhood. You want to be in a neighborhood feel good about. Your neighborhood should be safe, clean and inviting. If you have children, close proximity to good schools matters, too. Look for pride of ownership amongst neighbors. Things such as manicured lawns, well-maintained homes and tasteful landscaping indicate pride of ownership.


The exterior of a home should be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, it should be free of water damage, termite damage, excessive wear and tear and roof damage. Factor the yard into your exterior assessment. Note if the yard presents challenges such as a steep incline, which may be hard to mow, or so forth.

If you notice cracks in the foundation, you may be looking at costly foundation repairs in the future. Be alert to termite damage if the home has a wood foundation. Foundation issues should cause careful consideration before moving forward with making an offer.


The inside of a house needs to be livable and comfortable. It should also come with your must-have amenities, unless you’re willing to purchase those separately. For instance, if you would like central A/C, and you find that the central air unit is in need of repair, you’ll need to budget for a new unit if you decide to purchase the home. If a soaking tub is high on your list of amenities, a shower-only bathroom might present a problem.

Be mindful of looking for mold, worn carpets or water spots on the ceiling. These items can cost considerable money to repair, and could even harm your health, when it comes to mold. Don’t be afraid to take your time and look closely when touring your possible new home. Don’t spend too much energy considering things that are easily changeable, like paint color or the style of curtains. Instead, focus on the more permanent aspects such as room size, closet space and layout.

Ask your real estate agent

Your real estate agent is a valuable resource. Ask your agent any questions you may have about the home, and have your agent give you as much background information as possible.

Things to ask your agent include: How old is the roof? Are there any concerns I should be aware of? Why do the owners want to sell? What is the age of the home? How old is the central A/C? How old are included appliances? Is the roof in good repair? What school district is the home in? What is the average utility bill for the home? Are there additional fees involved?

Make every home tour count

Use your home tour to get the facts, make important observations and see how the space could work for you. Pay attention to the neighborhood and the details, and you could save yourself from experiencing buyer’s remorse. A keen eye during a home tour can help you settle into your next chapter feeling great about your home purchase decision.

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