Using Natural Decor To Raise The Mood In Your Home

Natural decor can significantly change your mood.

In a culture of concrete jungles and urban bustle, you can use natural decor to make your home a calm, natural oasis, to look forward to at the end of your day.

There are many ways to invite nature into your home; here are 5 to get you started…

Use natural building materials.

A grey, stone backsplash grounds the room with a cool vibe. Bamboo nods to going green, and wood floors can lend a sense of natural warmth to the room. Pulling in natural, sustainable building materials, creates an earthy atmosphere you can feel good about.

Place living plants in your home.

Living plants soften modern design with a natural pop of green. Living plants can actually clean the air in your home, and reduce the negative impacts of VOCs. Be mindful of placing toxic plants away from children and pets.

Let light flood the space.

Natural light makes your home feel cheerful, positive and airy. Open curtains and blinds, and make sure your windows are sparkling clean. Maximizing the natural light in your home can help you feel connected to nature, even when you spend the day inside.

Add a moving water feature.

The sound of gently flowing water calms a chaotic mind. A water feature can take center show in an open living room, or a small version can lull you to sleep in the bedroom.

Decorate with driftwood.

Using driftwood, or other natural items, celebrates nature and spotlights the unique beauty of outdoor elements. Display curtains from a driftwood rod or use a bundle of twigs in a vase to add texture and interest to a fireplace mantel.

Tell a story.

As you design your natural home environment, think about what you most love about the outdoors. Let the natural elements within your home tell the story of what you most connect with in nature.

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