Simplify Your Lifestyle This Christmas

freestocks-org-487563-unsplashChristmas doesn’t have to stress you

Christmas is a time of festivity and joy. For many people, however, stress and anxiety accompany the Holiday Season. Often, this anxiety and stress stem from the belief that we need to buy… and buy some more. It’s easy to feel pressured to have everything in place and looking magazine-ready. While media might like for us to believe that a Happy Christmas must go hand in hand with a huge credit card bill, it isn’t so.

De-stress and enjoy the Christmas Season with these 3 simple ideas

Have a Christmas movie night. Chances are you already subscribe to cable television, Amazon Video, Netflix or so on. Take a time out from hectic Holiday shopping and enjoy family movie night. You can also check out movies from your local library without spending a dime.

Go on a décor-minded hike. Take the family on a hike and gather items you can use for Christmas decorations in your home. Make sure you’re permitted to take the items before doing so. You can have a lot of fun coming up with creative ideas for how to use the items you find on your hike. It gets you outside and moving, which can be a wonderful solution to stress or depression.

Create a Christmas gratitude journal. This is a great keepsake and it can really change your outlook and elevate your mood! Give each family member a notebook. Decorate it using wrapping paper on the cover, to give it a festive look. Have every family member spend a few minutes each day writing 1-3 things they’re thankful for, on that day. Do this from now through Christmas Day and then keep the journals in your Christmas storage box. Make a fun yearly tradition of going through the previous year’s journals to see how you’ve changed and to remind you of how much you’ve had to be thankful for.

Merry Christmas to you and yours

Whether you’re celebrating your first Christmas in a new house or enjoying the Day in your established home, have a very Merry Christmas!


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