Use Fall Scents to Sell Your Home

Welcome September!

As we move toward the fall season, it’s a great time to include the sense of smell in your home-selling campaign.

The sense of smell can help you make the sale.

Did you know that the sense of smell has a powerful impact on whether or not a consumer makes a purchase? The sense of smell is linked to the emotional center of the human brain. When something smells good, a consumer tends to believe it is of high quality. So, take advantage of the enticing scents of fall, and make a lasting impression on prospective home buyers. Here are a few ideas you can use to bring the scent of fall into your space…

Bake some pumpkin bread.

The scent of warm pumpkin bread smells wonderful and makes a house feel like a home. You could even display the finished product on a beautiful serving tray and offer some to prospective home buyers as they tour your home. You can find a great pumpkin bread recipe here.

Spice things up with cinnamon sticks.

Cinnamon can give off a strong scent, so don’t do too much. Make a stylish statement by placing a couple of pine cones and cinnamon sticks on a glass charger, on your living room coffee table.

An oldie but goodie – make a pomander.

Make pomanders for dresser drawers, closets and the bathroom. In medieval times, pomanders were used to mask bad smells. Today, pomanders can be used as decorative ways to infuse your home with soothing scents. To create one of your own, pierce an orange or lemon with whole cloves. Experiment with making patterns to show off your personal style.

However you do fall, take time to enjoy your surroundings.

Make memories with the ones you love. Whether spring, summer, fall or winter, that’s what really makes a home.



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