Staging During the Holiday Season

element5-digital-462554Staging is an important part of the selling process. Decluttering and deep cleaning provide a clean canvas from which to stage your home. Smart home staging helps potential buyers envision themselves making your house their home. Holiday staging has the added benefit of showcasing the best features with a festive Seasonal flair. 

Clean the slate.

If you rarely use it, put it in storage. If you don’t need it, donate it. This is a great time to hold a rummage sale. As you declutter and remove items, leave a few pieces of tasteful artwork and some things that help it feel like home. The idea is to introduce a streamlined, but not cold, space. Counter tops should be clean and clear. Closets should have as few remaining items as possible. After you clear away everything that doesn’t need to remain in the home, deep clean from top to bottom. Remember to get those hard to reach and hidden areas such as behind appliances and under beds. If you feel overwhelmed, your realtor can assist you in deciding which things should remain in the home and a professional cleaning service can help with the deep cleaning chores.  

Refresh and refurbish.

Touch up your interior and exterior paint. Ensure the exterior trim looks fresh and new. Sometimes, your exterior may need to be completely repainted, while a simple touch-up can work in other cases. Check interior walls for scuff marks, or uneven color in areas where pictures have been removed. Consider repainting boldly colored walls. You don’t have to go all white, but neutral colors may appeal to a broader market. Check for broken mailbox hinges, non-functioning doorbells or fences that need mending. Repair any broken items so that your home gives the impression of being well cared for and properly maintained.

Make it inviting.

Place living room furniture in ways that encourage conversation. Display fresh flowers on the dining table, and add a pop of color with throw pillows on the master bed. If you opt to use air freshener, choose an inviting scent that does not overpower. Vanilla or apple pie scents can make the atmosphere feel instantly more cheerful. A door wreath adds a nice touch, welcoming potential buyers as they enter the home.

Let the Decorating Begin

Select decorations that match the style of your home and compliment the color scheme. Holiday decorations can accent the best features of your home. Showcase doorways or mantles with white lights and greenery garlands. Place flameless candles on end tables and in front-facing windows.

Even though you’re preparing to sell, set up a tree. Selecting a high-end artificial tree helps reduce maintenance and keeps clean-up to a minimum. Add beauty and festivity by bringing in glass ornaments and a little silver or gold. When you finish decorating the tree, step back and look at it to ensure it doesn’t appear crowded. A few gifts under the tree help to make buyers feel the sentiment of Holiday warmth. 

HGTV offers some interesting ways to stage your home for the Holiday Season.


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