Small Projects That Can Make A Big Sales Impact

house-entrance-255132_1920Whether you have just bought your home or are looking to sell soon, upgrades help improve your resale value and create a more comfortable home. Let’s discuss a few of these projects.

Your home’s yard and exterior is the first thing a buyer notices when viewing your home, some minor changes or improvements can help make them stand out. Adding a few trees or shrubs to help brighten your yard and create areas of interest. Visit your local nursery for some good recommendations as to the best plants for your yard. Setting down a covering of rock to your yard aids in making your yard low maintenance, and it looks good as well. If you feel completely out of your element, hiring a professional to help you make landscaping decisions helps to take that

Take a walk around your home’s exterior. Look for areas which may need repaired or touched up. Put on a fresh coat of paint to give it a fresh look, even just painting the trim can make a huge difference. Replace any damaged, or older, doors, windows and gutters. The front door and garage doors stand out the most, so checking them over is a great idea.

kitchen-902409_1920Inside your home begin similarly to how you did on the exterior-with the walls. Put up a fresh coat of paint to brighten the walls and make it feel inviting. Use neutral tones which are warmer in tone. Check out your flooring. Replace any pieces of flooring which are damaged and update old carpeting. Check on your plumbing as well, buyers will appreciate knowing the plumbing is up to date and in great shape. Ensure your appliances and electrical are up to date as well. If your home is new it is probably current, but it never hurts to have an inspection done and make a “to do” list for the house. A professional sees things most of us might miss and will help you prepare for a quick sale.

Target your kitchen and bathrooms. Look over the fixtures in each. Replace outdated or damaged pieces. Check out your countertops, granite or stone can be made to shine; if there are too many “dings” they may need replaced. If your kitchen appliances are older, select newer, high efficiency ones.

There are other items you may not think of to add to your home. For example, exchange your water heater for a tankless one; there are many great models, and it makes an excellent selling point. Inspect your AC and heating unit, or units. Clean or replace their filters, and ensure all ductwork is in great shape. Again, hiring a professional to look them over is a great idea. Add a water filter onto your house and drink great tasting water year round. For the buyer who desires only filtered water, a water filter can really make a sale.

Create more space in your home. Build organizers inside the closets. Look around and see where you can place built-in shelving and display cabinets. Not only will this attract buyers, it will also make your home more comfortable for you. There are professionals who can also advise you on the best ways and areas for improving your home.

For more ideas, DIY Network has a great list of other projects to improve your home and entice buyers.  Home improvements can be daunting. Take things one step at a time and move forward slowly and steadily. Enjoy watching your home come together.


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